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All You Need to Know About Windshield Chips

What are the “things to know” about Windshield Chip Repair?

There are basically four types of windshield chip patterns that may be considered easy to repair: Stars, Flowers, BB chips, and Bulls-eye. Basically, any chip that goes into the surface of the glass perpendicular to the surface or at a shallow angle can be repaired. If the chip has a series of cracks coming out like spokes on a wheel from the point of impact (what’s called a spider crack) it is considered non-repairable and full windshield replacement is recommended.

Repairing chips is a matter of first cleaning out any slivers or chards from the chip. Then, in some form or fashion, the air is sucked out of the cracks and replaced with adhesive. If the area is not cleaned properly beforehand, or water or dirt is trapped in the cracks, it will cause discoloration or weaken the glass integrity.

A professional who has done windshield chip repair many times can do this with near perfect results. A novice may understand the process well enough, but lack the experience and proper judgment, leading to mistakes that will create aesthetic problems, if not worse. If you have an old clunker it may make little difference to you to have a sloppy looking repair job, but if your vehicle is your adored and lavished baby, you want to make sure the windshield chip repair is done right.

Can I do windshield chip repair myself?

While you may feel confident in your ability to repair a crack in your windshield, keep in mind the risk that potential problems unknown to you could cost you dearly down the road. The best option for a windshield crack is to bring your vehicle in to one of our car repair facilities. We specialize in professional windshield crack repair services and our clientele have had certified training and experience. Our glass repair technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge for analyzing the condition of the crack and surrounding glass and will be able to assess exactly what the best course of action would be.

If the windshield crack repair can be handled with a simple over the counter sealing compound, we will advise you of that option. At the same time, depending on the condition of the windshield crack, we will also advise you on the severity and whether windshield crack repair or total replacement would be most appropriate.

Simple, Easy, and Stress-Free

We can give you the price you’ll pay quickly. All we need is the year, make and model of your vehicle. We can locate the windshield in our system pretty much instantly and let you know what it will cost to replace or repair your window or windshield.

Got insurance? Awesome! We have dealt with about every insurance company out there. Just have your information ready and we can take it from there. Your insurance agents often want to speak with you during this process but we can guide you through from beginning to end.

Auto Glass Replacement

Has this ever happened to you…

You are driving down the highway when a large truck switches lanes in front of you and sends something flying into your windshield making a loud pop. You can see a small pea size dent in the glass with what proves later to be tiny little half inch cracks that look like spokes on a wheel. A month later you notice the chip has spread to cracks several inches long and you realize it is now a problem that requires immediate attention. At this point auto glass replacement may be your only alternative.

Could this have been prevented? The difference between auto glass replacement and windshield repair often comes down to getting a small chip or crack repaired before it spreads. Many people are not aware that if caught early, repairs can save hundreds of dollars from glass replacement down the road.

At A New-View Auto Glass, Inc our professionals have the training and experience to diagnose whether repair or auto glass replacement is better for you.

Some other things you should know about auto glass replacement…

  • Repairs cannot be in the direct line of vision of the driver
  • Some chips and cracks cannot be repaired
  • Windshields that are properly installed have three important safety features in the course of an accident. 1. It acts as a backdrop for the deployment of airbags, 2. It helps to keep passengers inside the vehicle after impact, 3. It prevents the roof from caving in if the vehicle rolls over.
  • Our repair shops uses original equipment manufacturer, (OEM) windshields and fast cure OEM sealants and primers. These products may cost more than knock off brands, but will ensure the structural integrity and safety of your windshield for many years.

Our Expert Team and Shop

 New-View Auto Glass, Inc has been specializing in auto glass replacement and repair for over 25 years in Saint George, Utah, and surrounding areas. With years of professional training, we are the experts to replace-windshields, repair-windshields, door-glasses, back-glasses, and side-mirrors on your car, truck, or R.V. A New-View Auto Glass, Inc provides the very best windshield replacement, and windshield rock-chip repairs, along with all of your other auto glass needs. We are dedicated to provide the very best auto glass service, workmanship, and quality. We use only premium auto glass, along with having affordable prices. Come into A New-View Auto Glass, Inc shop, or let us come to you at your location. Our mobile service services, Saint George, Santa Clara, Washington, Ivins, Bloomington, Bloomington Hills, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Veyo, Diamond Valley, Winchester Hills, Dameron Valley, Leeds, Utah. All major insurances companies have approved us to take care of your auto glass needs. We handle all the paper work. If quality is important, and you want the very best service, call the Old Pro Dave Eichelberger at A New-View Auto Glass, Inc, 435-628-5300 for all your auto glass needs.